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Tulsa Web Design- With Easter approaching, I started thinking about all things Easter related. I really pondered on a subject for this blog post.  I thought about writing about the “real” reason for Easter…Our Savior Has Risen or the many Easter memories and traditions, and of course the Easter Egg Hunts & finding the “special” filled egg.  The latter had me thinking about the world of computers and technology, I couldn’t help but think about the Hidden Easter Egg in Technology. So I started researching and asking my fellow computer-nerd co-workers what the Hidden Egg meant to them and was fascinated with all I found!

So just like the “Easter Bunny” purposefully hides eggs with fun surprises inside for all the children to find, computer programmers also tend to purposefully hide fun surprises in software for users to find! The Hidden Easter Egg joke started way before the age of computers. The pranks have endured to our present day in all aspects of technology: video games, software, hardware, websites, CD’s even appliances such as washing machines.

In the beginning, programmers and development teams hid secret messages to gain recognition for their ingenious work. Over the years, Hidden Easter Eggs have evolved to secret levels and hidden tips and tools on video games, silly messages on google, hidden camios on movies and so much more.  These hidden surprises are as much fun for the developers to program as they are for the user to find them! Some Hidden Easter Eggs are well known and fairly easy to find and others are still out there ready to be discovered!

A couple of my favorite Hidden Easter Eggs are to do with Google searches. Try Google searching “do a barrel roll” and watch what happens to your computer screen!  Search “zerg rush” and enjoy an entertaining alien attack on your screen! There are many more amusing and smart Hidden Easter Eggs out there in all aspects of technology…are you smart enough to ‘Crack the Egg’?

Enjoy technology with the Hidden Easter Eggs and enjoy your family celebrating the True meaning of Easter this year! Wishing you a Happy Easter from the geeky team at Hot Coffey Design!

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