Tulsa SEO- Have you checked your recent Google search history? It might come to surprise what you’ve recently searched in the past 24 hours.

Google is famous for sneaking in daily reminders what we’ve searched. For example, you could have searched for a place to eat in Tulsa, a certain brand of shoes or something out of the ordinary such as pigeon stew.

The Tonight Show sent their writer out onto the streets of New York to see what people are searching. Arthur, the Tonight’s Show writer, found that people were searching characters that were on Seinfeld to twerking dances to outrageous searches containing pigeons, and if people eat pigeons. You might think that’s absurd, but you might be shocked to see what you’ve recently searched.

What did you search today?

On a day to day basis, Google sees all kinds of search engine history. It all depends what is on your mind at the time of the search. There are numerous reasons to search for something pertaining to your needs, wants or strictly out of boredom. Your search history will depend on who is searching from that device as well. For example, if you’re searching as opposed to your children searching, there will most likely be random exploration containing home goods versus Minecraft or Barbie. At one point of the day, you’ll probably search for places to eat dinner, while you remember to check the times of the OU game happening that weekend. Your search can tell relate to you on a daily basis.

How do you search?

There are multiple ways to search for what you’re looking for. You can use one word or a whole sentence if you’re feeling lucky. Google has a photographic memory with what you’ve recently searched. Sounds intrusive because there are some things we would want to keep private, but Google can read your mind before you’re even finished searching for a result. For example, you’ll be searching for restaurants in Tulsa, and Google will complete your sentence or phrase with surrounding information on restaurants and Tulsa. The way you search will lead you to what Google thinks you crave.

Did you find what you were searching for?

Using those keywords, you might not find what you’re searching for. You might have to search a couple times to find the end result. There can be various reasons why the search engine isn’t depicting what you’re requesting. Location and keywords play a huge part in your search. If you don’t include the location, Google could possibly pull a keyword from states away even though Google has incorporated geo-fencing for most computer and mobile devices. If you’re not feeling lucky, try to incorporate related terms to find what you’re looking for.

If you forget what you’ve searched in the past, Google will remind you with a friendly ad on different sites you surf. Facebook is known for displaying your recent search history in the form of ads on the sidebars of their site. It’s very eye catching and constantly reminds you about that product or service you’ve searched in the past.

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