With the latest updates and trends in the industry, web design styles are forever changing. How do you stay ahead of these trends in 2016? With the help of Tulsa graphic design services at Hot Coffey Design, we will deliver fresh and innovative ideas for your brand.

There are various design elements to consider when creating a logo or graphic. What is the company’s purpose? What does that company do, sell or build? Who are the customers? These type of questions encompass our minds when working with a client to accomplish a stunning and innovative design.

As for the trends in 2016, you might want to re-evaluate your brand to keep up with the competition.

Keeping it Flat

Flat design has been ruling the online market for some years now. Its beautiful aesthetics and usability across various applications is what makes it so appealing. The flat trend is expected to continually grow in 2016 by bringing in little additives such as icons, illustrations and typefaces to the pre-existing logo design. The flat design aspect is clean, neat, and displays well on mobile!

Shape it up

With the help of 3D model designing, various shapes such as the subtle polygon will make a comeback this year. The geometric shape is simple yet gives a logo more character, body and depth. By adding textures and colors, a polygon-type shape can bring sophistication to the design.

Negative Space

Negative space has been around for a while, but negative space improves the legibility and readability of a logo design according to Smashing Magazine.  Negative space creates a unique design and an interesting perspective because it can look different to those viewing it. Negative space can give the “WOW” factor that many companies seek.


If your logo is font driven, typography might be the solution for your brand. Stenciled typography can give a logo design just enough charm and detail to make it engaging. Incorporating a specific type face can be intriguing and create a snowball effect for using stencil design or other memorable typography in designs.

Be memorable in your market, impress customers and competition, and stay on trend with graphics, logos and web designs at Hot Coffey Design.

If you have an outdated logo design that needs refreshing, Tulsa graphic design can help update your current graphics or create new ones that reflect your business in a trending style.

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