As parents, we need to take a step away from our smartphones. More often than we care to realize, we are staring, scrolling and tapping when we should be paying attention to what’s happening around us. Often, we pick up the phone out of habit, but we also reach for it to be distracted from the annoyance, anxiety or boredom of parenting. Some say that we have become “Brain Hacked“!

Here are a few tips to make your phone less useful and redirect your attention.

Turn off the notifications. Your phone does not need to ding, buzz or light up for anything other than a phone call or text message, period.

-Use the “Do Not Disturb” and “Sleep” modes. Did you know your smartphone even offered such modes?! Turn this feature on when you’re at work or with your kids. That way, only the most important calls (from parents, spouse or your child’s school) come through. Set your phone to automatically go into Sleep mode every night from 8 pm to 7 am.

-Delete the most addictive apps. Let’s think about those pesky apps that really draw you in. You can still access them through the Web browser, but it’s a lot less convenient and you’re less likely to get sucked in. And let’s not get started with the “games”. Do you really need to play games with “virtual” friends? Keep only the apps you need on your phone.

-Pretend your smartphone is an old-fashioned phone when you are home. Don’t walk around the house with the phone in your hand, trying to do three things while having a conversation. Leave your smartphone where you might have put a wired phone and only use when you need to call or text.

-Have something else to stare at or flip through. Your kids don’t always need your attention and getting a little space when you can help you be more present when they do need you.

Hot Coffey Design loves all technology and we can help you with any of your computer, graphic design or web design needs. We do value time away from our smartphones and devices, especially around our family and friends. Take a step back from your phone and be present for your family!

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