Small business owners know they need to keep up with social and technological changes to not only survive but succeed! Which trends can benefit your small business in 2018? Hot Coffey Design has a list of a few small business trends that you might want to consider. Hot Coffey Design can help your business with web design, web development, graphic design, and marketing. We can help you grow your small business!
Local. Consumers increasingly realize that if they want healthy and thriving communities, they need to shop local! Supporting local businesses has become a trend that has even caught national attention, with “Shop Local Saturday”. Make sure you inform customers of everything you do that supports local companies and individuals. Whether you buy produce from local farmers for your restaurant, stock locally made products in your retail store or hire local contractors, let your customers know that you support your community!

Visuals. Millennial and younger customers respond to visually oriented messages and picture heavy social media posts. Small businesses are learning that they get more engagement when they emphasize visual assets in all their marketing, not just social media.

Loyalty. Customers increasingly want a sense of attachment to the companies they shop and eat. The business owners certainly want deeper relationships with their customers. Whatever you are selling, you’ve got to fend off online discounters! Creating and building relationships with your customers is the best way to keep them off-line. Always provide excellent customer service, provide private shopping times, or offer them special rewards or discount programs.

Social responsibility. An increasingly important aspect is to have and articulate a sense of purpose for your company. Customers want to feel like their purchases are helping to promote an important social goal, such as helping people in need, improving the environment or saving animals. Can your company meaningfully embrace a worthwhile social purpose? If so, let your customers know.

Mobile accounting. In 2018, there’s a whole array of great mobile tools to help you keep track of all your expenses and income. QBO- Quick Books Online-has an entire array of apps, and you’ll also find great mobile accounting and invoicing solutions from Xero, FreshBooks and many other providers.

We would love to help your small business trend in the right direction in 2018! Hot Coffey Design is your local full-service website design company. If you have specific questions about what’s trending now in web design, marketing, branding or digital strategy, send us a message—we’d love to help.

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