“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” – Winnie the Pooh

March was a tough month for Hot Coffey Design, as we had to say farewell to one of our favorites!

Over the past two and a half years, we have been privileged to work alongside sweet Karli! Our Karli, as we liked to call her, brought with her hard work every day, mega style (from wardrobe to hair to web design) and a spunky energy that helped fuel the office! She came to us fresh from college, she was the “baby” of the office and we watched her grow up professionally before our eyes! We couldn’t be more proud of her or more excited for her new adventures in Minnesota even though we will miss seeing her in the office every day. We have put together a Karli Listicle, an “Ode to Karli”

Top 10 List of Things We Will Miss About Karli:

10. Top Knot Buns – no one wears it better!

9. Willingness to take a Selfie or silly pic and look perfect! (actually that was a bit annoying—I mean, could you take at least one bad pic!!)

8. Always up for a Challenge and her Willingness to learn new skills or tasks

7. Available to teach Annie “easy” computer skills! (Is the computer turned on?)

6. Organizing & keeping everyone in line – (the keeper of the passwords!)

5. Smiles, Contagious Laughter, making snow angels, playing cornhole and of course, HIP-HOP FRIDAYS!

4. Professionalism – consistent in delivering great products to clients – (our clients are missing you too!)

3. Northern Accent – Karli says “Janks” we Okies say “Jinks” but we both mean Jenks!

2. Early Bird – being the first one to the office & getting the Hot Coffey Day started out right!

1. Most of all, We will just MISS YOU!


Coming from a World of Technology, being able to communicate through a multitude of Social Media, and a work force growing in Working Remote….there really is nothing quite like an In Real Life work relationship!  We are colleagues, we are co-workers, we are friends, but most of all, we are family! We Wish Karli the Very Best!

Karli is still a valuable employee to Hot Coffey Design working “remote” from Minnesota or as she calls it, our Minnesota branch!

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