As a web development company, Hot Coffey Design often gets approached seeking our help because their marketing efforts are not working. More often than not, the root of the problem is an outdated website. No matter how much time and money put into social media and/or pay-per-click advertising, if a website is not functioning correctly or creates customer frustration, any other marketing effort is all for not. Hot Coffey Design is the leader in web development and digital marketing. We can help turn your outdated website into a trending and current marketing machine!
Here are a few signs that might indicate your website needs a make-over:

Is your website mobile friendly? Without a doubt, the easiest way to determine if your site is outdated is to assess whether it is mobile friendly. Currently, websites that are mobile-friendly see about 50% to 70% of traffic from mobile devices. So, if your website does not utilize mobile responsive design, it could be costing you potential web traffic. It will also be causing frustration to your customer base, who uses their mobile phone for over 75% of their web use.

Is your website secure? Assessing whether your website is secure is another area where an expert web developer needs to be involved. Most websites today utilize open source platforms like WordPress or Drupal, hackers have complete access to the source files of these complex web-based programs. It is very easy for hackers to develop malicious software to attack your website. If your website is running slow or if your customers are complaining of getting a security warning after visiting your website, you will want to enlist the help of a qualified developer to assess the issue. You want your website to be working safely. You don’t want your customers avoiding your website, because they are fearful of getting a virus on their phone or computer.

Does your website look stylistically dated? It may surprise you, but this is the last thing we look for in evaluating a website. If you said no to the first two questions we discussed, then it is clear your website is outdated in the fast-paced tech world. It usually goes without saying that the appearance of your website will be outdated if you aren’t keeping up with tech trends. Make sure your website looks current, is user-friendly and is appealing to the eye.

Hot Coffey can help you through these questions and more! We have the knowledge and know-how to turn your web marketing and design into a central component of your growing business. Contact us today!