Hot Coffey Design- OU is Houston-Bound heading to the Final Four! After an awesome matchup in the Elite 8 game on Saturday night, the OU Sooners beat the No. 1 seed Oregon in dominating fashion. OU and Villanova both No. 2 seeds to advance past their respected No. 1 seed for Final 4 Berths.

This upcoming Saturday, April 2, The Final Four will be held in Houston. Oklahoma and Villanova along with Syracuse and North Carolina will battle it out for a chance to play in the championship game held Monday night. A chance to become the 2016 NCAA National Championship Team, It’s a chance for that “One Shining Moment”. A moment when nothing else matters, when basketball becomes your whole world…for that one moment!

The OU-Nova game is an interesting match-up. The two teams met earlier in the season back on Dec.7 in the Pearl Harbor Classic with the Sooners blitzing the Wildcats 78-55. Villanova has come a long way since that loss though and has learned from their mistakes. Both teams, as we have seen throughout the season and especially in March Madness can be very Dangerous! However, Hot Coffey Design is optimistically hopeful for the Sooner Win!

Even though we’re all considered tech-nerds, this is our second year of filling out brackets for March Madness. Everyone enjoys a bit of competition, right? Some of our brackets are quite amusing though! We do have some sport fans here at HCD and then we have some that are not so much! Ha! There have been multiple bracket-busters for everyone with the loss of Michigan St as well as Kansas and some other top ranked seeds. Here is a little insight to our HCD world and our bracketology! We’ve only got 2 left in the chase!

Our HCD brackets had the following winning the Championship:

  • Karli- Kansas
  • Valerie- Kansas
  • John- OU
  • Annie- OU
  • Braden- Kansas
  • Jason- Kansas
  • David- Notre Dame
  • Leigh- Colorado

Hot Coffey Design likes to incorporate our interests while working because it makes for a fun environment. Our new location allows for more creative thinking space such as our team meeting room and the front lobby area with a couch and TV that flows in an open concept working atmosphere. And of course, our TV was tuned to all the Madness that comes in March over the last couple of weeks! It’s a great month, a great season of sports and a great time to win the rights to brag at work with a winning bracket…that may have just been picked on the cutest uniforms!


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