As you prepare for your summer road trips, don’t forget to pack a little tech to enhance your ride!  Hot Coffey Design loves to help businesses grow in the digital world, but we also love families.  We love sharing new finds and trends in the tech world for work and family!  Here are a few road trip gadgets to help keep you organized on your travels and keep your kids entertained in the back seat!

The Right Devices

For Road Trip Gadgets, your smartphone is where it all starts.  Using it as a camera, GPS navigation unit and more has become second nature for most people.  It also serves as a wallet if you’ve activated any mobile payment apps.  But a key question:  Is your phone waterproof?  If it is, you don’t have to worry about getting it wet when you are using it as a camera.  Otherwise, you might want to pack a small waterproof digital camera.

A touch-screen tablet is also great on long road trips, especially to help kids pass the time.  Before you leave the house, load it up games, e-books, and educational apps.  Also, many movie, TV show and music streaming services let you download content without requiring an internet connection.

The next challenge is keeping these devices charged.  You can charge them in your car while driving, but if you’re away from the vehicle a lot, invest in a small backup battery.  One other device that can be useful is a portable lithium-ion jump starter and personal power supply.  Surprisingly small, these handy gadgets can start your dead car in an emergency and recharge your devices. And for the hotel room, our family always brings, as we call it, the ‘Tower of Power’ – a single station that charges multiple devices at once!

Keep in Mind

Most states have strict distracted-driving laws, so remember to only use your smartphone hands-free!

Be careful when using free public Wi-Fi hotspots, as there could be cyber thieves trying to access your info.  Do simple things like reading the news, but don’t enter sensitive data like online banking info.

Finally, be sure to back up important files-photos, documents and such- just in case your phone, tablet or laptop is lost, stolen or damaged.  While you’re at it, keep a digital scan of your driver’s license and passport.  This can help in getting a replacement!


Technology, Road Trip Gadgets can be a life-saver, navigator and entertainer on the road…But put them away and unplug from the digital world once you reach your destination! Enjoy the people you love and the surroundings you set out to visit! Hot Coffey Design wishes you and your family a fun, safe and memorable summer!