Halloween Decorating on a budget.

For those who love Halloween, crafts and creating a creepy feeling in your house, this blog is for you. Whether you are having a Halloween party or just enjoy watching scary movies it is so much more fun to do in a frightening ghostly house. For me this is an ongoing venture as each year I add more to my collection. Here are a few of my favorite places to start.

#1 Robbing Peter to pay Paul.

Yes, this is the phrase I use when my husband is asking what I’m doing, running around observing each room. Basically I skim every room, closet, drawer, cabinet and looking for anything black, old, or drab. Bring them to life by displaying in common areas on bookshelves, on bathroom counters, and in cubbies.

#2 Shop Garage and Estate Sales.

Ever see something that is really cool but looks like it would go in your grandma’s house and not yours? Well this is the time to use it. My favorite current find is silver, it’s always available on the last day of estate sales for a huge discount. When its not polished it looks very ominous, and less work for me. Also beats using plastic for serving those creepy appetizers.


#3 Cheese Cloth.

You can find it in any major hardware store. Use this tea dye recipe to give it an old decrepit look and use as curtains or drape from a coat rack.


#4 Book Covers for Your Books.

It’s hard to look mysterious when your bookshelf is filled with, books on flowers, training your pet and school yearbooks. I purchased black butcher paper from a craft store to make book covers. Here’s instructions on how you can make your own covers. Although you can see I have a long way to go, this is a tedious process but the end result will be spectacular. Once I get all of my books covered the idea is to make my own gothic style titles… that’s the big picture, it won’t happen this year.


#5 Staging a bag of bugs.

I like to place them in inconspicuous areas where your family could see something out the corner of their eye making the hair stand on the back of their neck.


Happy Haunting,
Leigh - Graphic and Web Designer, Hot Coffey Design

Tea Dye Recipe

Materials and tools:
Several Tea bags
Large pot for soaking
Cheese Cloth

Instructions: Brew hot water in a large pot and let the tea bags steep. Wet the cheese cloth and wring out. Turn off and remove from the burner. Submerge the damp cheese cloth into your brew. Steep for a least 1 hour. For a darker stain, soak overnight.

Don’t have tea? You can do this with coffee too. Just brew a pot and poor into a larger pan.

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