Search Engine Optimization, SEO, is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results. Making sure that your site is fully optimized for search engines is the best way to have your site seen at the top of the search engine results page (SERPS). Like most technology, trends in SEO can change frequently so staying up to date on the latest direction search engine optimization is going helps keep your site relevant. Hot Coffey Design believes in continuing education for our team and has developed the top 5 2017 SEO trends based on our findings.

Get AMP’d Up –

AMP is the abbreviation for Accelerated Mobile Pages. With nearly 60% of internet searches taking place on mobile devices, making sure that your website is fast to load has become more important than ever. Enter, accelerated mobile pages. When websites offer an accelerated mobile page for the website, that site will load almost instantaneously to your device. Search engines will cache sites allowing for an instant download. You may not see ads, social media icons and excessive JavaScript running on an AMP website which helps keep the loading time to a minimum.

Content is (still) King –

Without great content your site won’t get far as far as search engine results go. Content must be useful and valuable on top of well written utilizing predetermined keyword for those who will be searching for a specific topic, company or product.  Long form blogs and article broken up into easy to digest sections help keep your audience engaged. In 2017, the longer the content the better.

Stay Secure with HTTPS –

When online, people want to feel secure. Seeing the green padlock next to the “https” in their URL signals that one is going to a trusted site. Google Chrome has gone so far as to label non-https sites that  transit passwords and  credit card information as “Not Secure”.  Trust will remain to rise in importance in 2017 and we’ll see more https sites because of it.

“Hey, Alexa…” –

According to Amazon, millions of their Amazon Echo devices were sold over the holiday season. In fact, their total sales were up over 9x than the year previous. What does that mean for SEO? There is going to be a lot of voice searching. Optimizing your website to be responsive to voice searching is a great way to keep your site from falling from the first few search pages. Reformatting phrases to become questions is one way to optimize for voice search.

Link Building is Here to Stay –

Link building is all about having quality sites refer back to your site in an organic and relevant way. Creating great content (see above) is the easiest way to have reputable sites link back to your website.


Staying on top of ever-changing search engine optimization trends can be a tedious task but, luckily, the SEO team at Hot Coffey Design loves to learn about new, innovative ways to keep websites fully optimized. Don’t spend your valuable time trying to teach yourself SEO when the experts at Hot Coffey Design can help! Contact us today for a comprehensive SEO plan to keep your website on top.

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